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New Hampshire Umbrella insurance coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance in New Hampshire

If you already have auto or home insurance in New Hampshire or Maine, then you may feel protected from just about any situation. However, with liability claims where you are personally sued, the process can be unpredictable. Medical expenses can add up, and there isn’t a predetermined value on someone’s damages. This means if you are sued, your costs can easily extend past coverage limits of an auto or home policy, and then you are left making up the difference. With an umbrella policy, you get an extra layer of protection. An agent at Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH can help you find the right amount of coverage.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Your Assets?

With an umbrella policy, you will get extra coverage for your home, auto, or other recreation vehicles where you have personal insurance in place. All insurance policies have limits, and many home and auto policies can have maximum limits of $500,000. If you have been found legally liable for an accident on your auto or home policy, then the insurance company will pay the policy limit, and you have to pay the remainder out of pocket. This can threaten your home and vehicles, as well as your savings, investment accounts, and future wages.

Umbrella insurance can be used in different ways. If you have a multi-car accident in Maine or New Hampshire, the cost can quickly add up between injuries and damages. Backyard injuries can also be costly. Umbrella insurance helps protect you from the unexpected since you never know when an accident can happen.

Why Have Umbrella Insurance in New Hampshire?

Just one accident can be financially devastating, even if you have insurance. Umbrella insurance can also give you some additional protection for situations that a typical home policy doesn’t cover, such as libel. It’s important to note that even though you may have umbrella insurance, you still need to carry the required amounts for your home and auto policies. Umbrella insurance isn’t a standalone policy and is instead used in conjunction with these already existing policies.

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