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New Hampshire Flood insurance coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance in New Hampshire, Maine & Massachusetts

The weather has always been a go-to subject when conversations reach an uncomfortable lull. However, here at Keslar Insurance Agency, rarely a day goes by that a customer doesn't come in or call about whether they should add flood insurance to their coverage portfolio. And when we see that they live right here in the New England area, our answer is a resounding yes.

Must You Buy Flood Insurance?

If you have a mortgage, you already know the answer, you should- and your bank may require you to. If you live in certain areas that are designated flood zones, you must since it is typically a condition for getting a loan. This is because some neighborhoods lie within the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Flood Hazard zones, and as such, lenders require all borrowers to purchase flood insurance. For example, not all areas of Rockingham County lie in Flood Hazard Zones. But most are within FEMA's Flood risk zone.

Flood Hazard Zones versus Flood Risk Zones — What's the Difference?

A Flood Hazard Zone is one that FEMA statistics show has a 1% higher chance of annual flooding. This translates to a 26% risk over the duration of a 30-year mortgage. Any homes within a flood hazard zone are required to have flood insurance in place to secure a mortgage. Newmarket, NH lies on a floodplain that is highly sensitive to flooding due to sea-level rise along with tidal areas, specifically along the Lamprey River, Great Bay, and Lubberland Creek. So if you are thinking of buying a home in any of the surrounding neighborhoods, you are required to have flood insurance.

A Flood Risk Zone, as defined by FEMA, is one in which chances of annual flooding is less than 1%. The remainder of Rockingham County is situated in a moderate risk zone, and homeowners, while not required to have flood insurance, do have the option of purchasing it.

A Sad Fact About Homeowners Insurance

Too many homeowners in moderate-to-low-risk areas make the mistake of not exercising that option, lulled into complacency by the belief that their homeowner's insurance policy will reimburse them for damage done should their homes be flooded. Don't be one of these. Homeowner Insurance policies do not cover floods.

A Few More Chilling Facts

Did you know that of all that natural disasters that occur New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, flooding happens the most frequently, and causes the most damage? For example, New Hampshire suffered 15 floods between 2005 and 2015 that were so massive and widespread that they were official presidentially-declared disaster zones. But don't be despaired, get prepared. Here at Keslar Insurance Agency, we can lighten the load by seeing to it that you have a sufficient amount of flood insurance in place. Come in today or call for more information at your early convenience. We're here for you, rain or come shine!


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