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New Hampshire Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance in New Hampshire, Maine & Massachusetts

More and more people realize that a condo fits their lifestyle. At least that's what we hear from many newcomers coming into our Newmarket, NH office at Keslar Insurance Agency.

Some are empty nesters looking to divest themselves of bothersome responsibilities like shoveling snows and raking leaves. Others are new to New Hampshire, having discovered all our state offers in the way of hiking, fishing, skiing, and swimming, and now they've decided a condo can serve as a relatively maintenance-free vacation or weekend home.

After welcoming them to the area, we tell them that, no matter what has prompted them to buy a condominium, one responsibility they cannot ignore is the need to purchase condo insurance. And of course, they have questions.

Why Do I need Condo Insurance when the Homeowners Association (HOA) Already Has a Policy?

Yes, your HOA has coverage, but it's for the entire complex, the grounds, parking area, playground, pool, and other common areas, like the entrance to your building, the stairs and hallways, and the exterior roof. However, you're on your own when it comes to the interior of your apartment, as well as all your belongings.

If I Purchase Condo Insurance What Will It Cover?

  • If your unit is burglarized, the HOA master policy will not pay for the replacement of your clothes, electronics, or anything else that was stolen. But your condo insurance policy will help.
  • If one of your guests is injured in your unit, the HOA policy won't pay for their medical bills. Your condo insurance will.
  • If an oven fire occurs in your kitchen or your bathtub overflows and floods your entire apartment, the homeowner's insurance will not pay for your temporary housing. Your condo insurance will.

Hopefully, these answers will convince you that you need to purchase your own condo insurance to cover your New Hampshire condominium unit. But if you have other questions, please don't hesitate to call or drop into our Newmarket, NH office. Any of our agents at Keslar Insurance Agency will gladly answer your questions.


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