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Get to know Jennica Ross, Licensed Agent

Meet Jennica, one of our amazing licensed agents! Jennica has been providing exceptional care to our clients for years.

Jennica, tell us a little about what is important to you!

Family, having fun and being happy is everything to me. Family is an important concept for me because it is not only the people we have been raised with but those that have entered our life through our years. This doesn’t mean only by blood but those that we have experienced life with and have grown with. We love taking adventures and sharing them with our family whether it is hiking, dancing, shopping, skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or just having fun for the day. No matter the time of year we enjoy every moment making memories. My personal favorite though is the Spring. I absolutely love to garden and taking the time to listen to what nature has given us. Gardening prepares our family for the winter. Having our own grown food throughout the year is important. I feel it is something that has been lost and needs to be brought back to all.

You’ve been an agent for a long time. We know you really seem to have fun with your work. Why do you stay in the insurance industry?

Why do I stay in the insurance industry? Well, I am a social bug. I do love people and talking. 😊 I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have in this field as well as meeting new people and creating new relationships.

Now is a crazy time with the global health situation. How are you and your family handling it?

During this time of social/physical distancing there is no better time than spending with your family. Taking a break from the busyness life bring to us. I like to think that we are a very strong family emotionally so the distancing hasn’t bothered us too much. We are taking this time to prepare for the upcoming garden season, playing board games, lots of cooking, preparing for projects, being goofy and LOTS of exercise to make sure everyone stays healthy.

As you can tell, Jennica works hard to live her best life! We love that she chooses to be part of our team! Feel free to reach out to Jennica anytime! She’d love to talk to you!

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