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When should I review my life insurance?

Life insurance is not something that is one and done. It should change and grow or, in some cases, decrease as your life changes. Everyone has different life insurance needs. Today, tomorrow, and into the future, you need to review your life insurance from time to time to make sure it reflects your needs. If you have a trusted independent insurance agent like those at Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH, it makes it much easier and stress-free to make sure your life insurance is right for where you are in life. 

When you get your first full-time job, you will probably have a benefits package. Life insurance may be part of it. This is your chance to get off to a good start with your financial future. Look at that policy and think about what it should provide to your loved ones. Is it adequate to take care of any debt you have and your final expenses? Ask your HR department about the policy and whether it can be increased, or if you move on, can you continue to pay for it on your own? These are important questions.  

Buying a policy on your own at this point is not a bad idea. It will always be with you no matter what job you move to. As a young, healthy person, your life insurance will never be less expensive. 

Buying a home is another time to review your life insurance. Make sure you have enough to cover your mortgage. 

The biggest event in most people’s life is when you get and decide to start a family. The responsibility level rises to new heights, and your life insurance needs to rise with it. Providing for a spouse and children for years requires a considerable amount of life insurance. Your independent agent can help you come up with the right figure for you and your family. 

Contact Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH for your life insurance needs. 

10 things you absolutely need to know about life insurance

One of the pillars of personal finance, deserving of consideration in every home, is life insurance. While facing the reality of our demise is often a difficult task, the well-being of our loved ones after our passing is a crucial matter that cannot be overlooked. Acquiring a life insurance policy simplifies this decision and reduces uncertainty about the future. Here are a few things you need to know about life insurance

  1. If you have loved ones depending on you financially, life insurance is essential. Life becomes difficult on dependents upon your demise. It is vital to address these concerns with your insurance agent. At Keslar Insurance Agency, we analyze each client individually to come up with a policy that meets their concerns.
  2. Life Insurance is about financial obligation alone. Life insurance provides the policyholder and their loved ones peace of mind. The demise of the breadwinner weighs heavily on his dependents. Such concerns as school fees, unpaid medical bills, or funeral expenses may be a significant burden on your loved ones. Do not let the worries of the future prevent you from enjoying life in Newmarket, NH.
  3. Life insurance is a contract. Benefits are paid only to those who are affected by your demise.
  4. This policy is a risk management tool.
  5. Life insurance has two broad categories, term and permanent. Term insurance is paid based on the insured dying with a particular of time say 10, 20, or 30 years. Our agents at Keslar Insurance Agency will advise on whether to take up the term or permanent insurance policy based on your circumstances.
  6. The cost of life insurance varies based on the insurance company.
  7. Determining your optimal life insurance policy is not difficult. Our insurance agents will work closely with you to come up with a policy that meets your needs.
  8. It is alright to seek help in preparing for your death.
  9. Always ask about your options when you need to cancel an insurance policy.
  10. Familiarize yourself with major insurance terms.

Please feel free to contact our insurance agents at Keslar Insurance in Newmarket, NH for further information.

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