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Car Accidents: What to do in the moment, after it happens, and how to be prepared.

It is inevitable that sometime in your lifetime, you or someone you know is going to be in a car accident. The best thing you can do is be prepared with the materials and knowledge you need; that’s why we are here.

There are some things that you should always keep in your car in case of an accident to help you and those around you.

  • A first aid kit – usually you can buy premade ones at the pharmacy, big box store, or even amazon. They do make ones that are specifically for vehicles if that is your preference.
  • Your documents – whenever you are in an accident, no matter who’s fault or how bad, a police officer is likely to ask for your driver’s license, your registration, and your proof of insurance. It is important to keep these documents in your car at all times. In some states, it is required to have them while driving.
  • Optional: Emergency contact card – some people find it very helpful to keep a card in their wallet or somewhere obvious in their car so if they are in an accident and cannot advocate for themselves, this card is there to do the job. Most of these cards include any medical concerns the paramedics need to be aware of, an emergency contact, the name of your health insurance carrier, and the name of your car insurance carrier.
    • If you do not want to use a physical card or feel that another option may be more efficient, most cellphones have an emergency Medical ID feature. Learn how to set it up here: iPhone, Android. (Here is another article if you are having trouble setting it up, or the first two don’t work for you. Click here.)

So now you are all prepared; great! Now, what do you do when am accident happens? The most important thing to do is to stay calm and take each of these steps one at a time.

Step 1

Check yourself and anyone in your vehicle for injuries. If anyone is seriously injured, try not to move them as this can cause any damage to become much worse or even permanent. If you are in a better position than the passengers in the vehicle you collided with, and you are able, check on them as well. What is it pilots always say? You need to secure your oxygen mask first to be able to help secure others.

Step 2

Turn off your engine, turn on your hazard lights, and call 911. If you cannot do this on your own, ask someone else in your vehicle or a bystander around to do it for you. Even if it is a minor accident, you still should call the police. In some states, it is illegal not to.

Step 3

If you can, and only if you can, get to safety. If your vehicle is able to be moved, and in the way of traffic, move it off to the side of the road or area you are occupying. If this is not possible, or it is not drastically in the way, stay where you are and wait for the police to arrive.

Step 4

If you are not seriously injured and can move around on your own safely, find the person you collided with and exchange insurance information. Every driver should have an ID card with their auto insurance information. It is best to take a picture of this so as not to miss any important details. If they do not have a card or paper with the information, collect their name, address, contact phone numbers, emails, year/make/model of their vehicle, and license plate #. Allow the other party to collect the same from you.

Step 5

Once again if you are able and safe to do so, write down everything you can remember about what happened. It is best to take some pictures of the accident as well. This includes all sides of all involved vehicles. If you can get photos of the accident from a street view, that would be beneficial too. Once the police arrive, you are allowed to ask for their name and badge numbers if you would like that for your records. It is also best to ask if someone can provide you with a copy of the police report; some insurance companies may ask for this.

Step 6

Once things have settled down, then it is time to call your call your insurance company to begin a claim. Explain what happened in as much detail as possible. They will most likely ask for the “who, what, where, when, how” of the accident, and just give your best answer. They are there to help you, not stress you out more!

Overall, these situations can be stressful and full of worry. It is best to know who your resources are when things like this happen, and how to handle them like a rock-star (even though you may not feel like one ;))

When carrying collision and comprehensive auto insurance makes good sense

New Hampshire is a great place to live and to drive. But like everywhere, accidents do happen. New Hampshire does require residents to purchase auto insurance. You have to meet the state Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Requirements if you have an “at-fault” accident. You may have your license suspended if you cannot do this. It is easier and smarter for most people to carry auto insurance. At Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH, we work hard to create trust with all of our customers. 

Collision and comprehensive coverage are both types of auto insurance to protect your vehicle. When you have an accident where you are the responsible party or in an accident where someone is at fault, but they don’t have insurance or have inadequate insurance, your insurance will have to pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle. This is where collision insurance comes in. It makes good sense if you would have a hard time coming up with the funds to make these repairs yourself.  It will pay for the necessary repairs or replacement after a deductible is met. It is up to you to make sure you approve of the collision coverage you have. It isn’t all the same. Your independent insurance agent can guide you to companies that meet your specifications, especially when it comes to replacement parts.

Comprehensive coverage also protects your vehicle but from hazards that are beyond your control. Not that all accidents are controllable, but comprehensive is different. It covers weather events like storms, flooding, and hail. These can cause lots of damage to your vehicle. It covers theft and vandalism and deer running into or in front of your vehicle. 

Contact Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH for all your insurance needs.

Before you mail your bill payments, read this.

US mail delivery delays are all over the news, as you can see in this WMUR story.

Due to this issue, we want to advise all of our customers to consider mailing any payments or time-sensitive correspondence several weeks early to increase the likelihood of it arriving by the due date.

If you’d like to ensure your payments aren’t impacted by the mail delays, you do have other options. You may make payments online directly using your carrier’s website (links are available here) or you have the option of setting up EFT (automatic payments) with the carriers. All of our carriers allow you to do this, and it makes paying on time super simple and risk free! If this is of interest to you, let us know and we are happy to get that set up for you! If you have questions or need support, we are here for you! 603-273-0953.

Thinking of working in delivery service? Read this first!

examples of delivery drivers

We are finding more and more clients are considering taking on work from companies like:
Uber Eats
Amazon Flex/Amazon Fresh

Pizza delivery jobs
And many others
that require you to deliver people, food, or products using your personal vehicle.

There is a significant potential risk you should be aware of. First, many personal auto insurance carriers do not cover you and your auto when you are working. Why? Because many insurance carriers consider deliveries to be a commercial or business risk. So, what happens if you are driving for one of these companies and you get into an accident? Very likely the accident will not be covered. In addition, the carrier may drop your policy for not following the guidelines of a personal auto policy leaving you uninsured going forward.

What if the employer provides the insurance?
We strongly recommend that you ask to review the coverage that they provide in detail, as the information on their website may not be comprehensive. For instance, some of them only cover you when you are transporting their products. This means you may not be covered when you are driving to get the products or returning back after the delivery. As a result of this scenario, you’d be uninsured for significant portions of the job leaving you at a greater risk.

What can you do if the employer does not provide insurance?
Talk to your insurance agent before starting the job. They can review if your current policy offers any relevant coverages. There are a small number of carriers that may offer add-on coverage for these driving services. Your agent can help clarify if your carrier is one of those few. Next, they can see if they offer any other carriers that provide coverage on a personal policy.

The best option may be to get a business auto policy for this type of work. It may be more expensive but will be more appropriate for the situation. It may be a good solution if this is going to be your main source of income. Also, know that typical personal umbrella policies may not extend coverage for the use of your personal vehicle for business.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us anytime. We are always happy to be a resource for you. 603-273-0953.

Is It Time to Update Your Auto Insurance?

Lifestyle changes affect many aspects of our lives to include insurance coverage. The auto insurance policy you purchased last year may have provided you with adequate coverage at that time, but is it still current today? By reviewing your policy annually, you’ll know if your coverage needs tweaking or is up to date. At Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH, we can help you update your policy to ensure you’re getting the protection you need. Here are a few signs that it may be time to update your policy. 

New Drivers

If you have new people driving your car regularly, such as your teen or spouse, you’ll need to update your policy to add them to your insurance. This ensures they’ll get full protection from your coverage. As teens are generally inexperienced drivers, you may want to add or increase certain types of coverage such as liability or collision to protect your vehicle and others against accidents your teen may cause.

New Vehicle

A change in vehicles is a good time to update auto insurance. Your coverage should be enough to protect the value of your new car. If you took out a loan for your new vehicle, your lender may require you to have extra coverage such as collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist to protect his investment. 

New Location

Moving to a new location could prompt you to update your auto insurance, especially if your car is at greater risk of theft or damage. If your new home doesn’t have an enclosed garage, your vehicle is more susceptible to damage from inclement weather, falling objects, etc., when parked in the driveway or street. You may want to add or increase your comprehensive coverage to cover this risk. 

To update your auto insurance or purchase a new policy, call or visit Keslar Insurance Agency in Newmarket, NH. 

Gratitude: We couldn’t have done this without you. Best of the Seacoast 2019

Best of the Seacoast 2019 Best Insurance Agency

We wake up this morning full of gratitude. Last night we had the honor of winning the 2019 Best of the Seacoast award for Best Insurance Agency.

We couldn’t have dreamed of this without the support of so many.

  • Our fantastic customers who allow us to service their insurance needs. We are so grateful for the trust you put in us.
  • Our exceptional team who really treat our customers as they’d like to be treated themselves.
  • Our amazing friends who voted, shared, and cheered us on.
  • Our ever-supportive networking partners. We have so many in our lives who understand that a rising tide really does raise all boats.
  • Our community in which we are grateful to serve every day.
  • And of course, our family- those we love and cherish more than words can express.

IMG_20190822_204748We understand that this now sets an even higher bar of expectations from all with whom we come into contact. We are ready and up for the challenge and so grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve.


Lisa & David Keslar


Ethan Keslar Interns at Keslar Insurance

ethan 2Newmarket, NH, December 27, 2018- Keslar Insurance Agency, a leading provider of insurance solutions in NH and ME, announced that Ethan Keslar will be interning for the month of January. Ethan currently attends the University of New Hampshire ‘s Paul College, where he is studying business administration with a focus in entrepreneurship and management. Prior to working at Keslar Insurance, Ethan worked for Goodhue and Hawkins a premier marina in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where he worked closely with customers.

“We are excited to have Ethan in the office learning about the business. It is a nice opportunity for our family focused business. We are confident he will bring great energy and fresh ideas while he is here,” said David Keslar.

About Keslar Insurance Agency

Keslar Insurance Agency is a full service provider of residential and commercial insurance products in New Hampshire and Maine. Keslar Insurance makes sure clients have the right insurance products to protect the most important things in life-family, possessions and business. Keslar Insurance employees focus on providing the kind of service and value we’d expect for ourselves and our families. Our products which include Homeowners insurance, Auto, Life, Umbrella, Renters, Landlord, Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, Flood, Commercial Auto, Business Owner’s Policies, General Liability, Worker’s compensation, motor home, camper and more. For more information visit:

Brendan Jorgensen now Licensed P&C Agent for Keslar Insurance Agency



Brendan JorgensenKeslar Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that Brendan Jorgensen is now a licensed property and casualty agent in NH and ME. He is now able to fully support home, auto and business insurance.

“We are excited to see Brendan move to this next level in his career with us. We are confident that he will provide exceptional service throughout the relationship with our customers.” said Lisa Keslar of Keslar Insurance.

Brendan is a resident of Newmarket,  where he and his wife are raising their two children. He’s very active in the community including working with the Newmarket Business Association and the BeFree Community Church.

Learn more about Brendan.

About Keslar Insurance

Keslar Insurance Agency is a full service provider of residential and commercial insurance products in New Hampshire and Maine. Keslar Insurance makes sure clients have the right insurance products to protect the most important things in life-family, possessions and business. Keslar Insurance employees focus on providing the kind of service and value we’d expect for ourselves and our families. Our products which include Homeowners insurance, Auto, Life, Umbrella, Renters, Landlord, Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, Flood, Commercial Auto, Business Owner’s Policies, General Liability, Worker’s compensation, motor home, camper and more. For more information visit:


Gunstock Season Pass Holders Qualify for Home and Auto Discounts

concordgrouplogo gunstock-mountain

Concord Group Insurance has created a special Affinity program that provides savings and special benefits to its member policyholders. Gunstock Season Pass Holders qualify as a member of Concord Group Affinity Program, and can receive a 5% discount on  auto and home insurance as well as complimentary roadside assistance coverage and/or identity theft protection. These top quality auto and homeowners’ insurance policies provide robust standard and optional coverage to satisfy most needs. And the competitive rates result in peace of mind knowing you are getting the coverage you need at a great value.

Concord Group is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Concord Group is a mutual insurance company which means the policy holders are members of the Company. This means they have no stockholders- they are there for their policyholders!

These products are further supported by Keslar Insurance Agency. Contact Keslar Insurance today to learn more, take advantage of the affinity discount program and become a member of the Concord Group Insurance Company. or 603-273-0953.

It’s deer season. What happens if your car hits one? It isn’t handled the same as a traditional auto accident.

deer car accidents insuranceAbout 1.5 million deer, elk and moose are struck each year, causing more than $1 billion in insured losses and affecting about one in 169 drivers, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. From October through December, drivers’ chances of hitting a deer increase, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). In fact, the organization says more deer crashes occur in November because it’s the height of mating season. Additionally, be extra cautious if you’re driving at dusk or dawn, as the III says these are the highest-risk times for deer crashes. Of course, those are times when cars are normally on the road, too.

Hitting a deer can be costly: According to the III, the average cost of deer-crash insurance claims was $4,135 in 2015. To help protect your vehicle (and your wallet), talk to a local agent to make sure you have the proper car insurance coverage on your policy.

As many an unlucky motorist will attest, you don’t necessarily have to run into a deer to be involved in a deer-related crash. A lot of times, you may not hit the deer; the deer may hit you or leap onto your car. Startled drivers who have run-ins with deer are often equally surprised by how their auto insurance treats their claims.

Logic might suggest that such animal crashes would fall under the collision portion of your policy, which pays for damage to your vehicle if you hit (or are hit) by another vehicle or object. Instead, animal-related damage is typically treated as an “other than collision” claim under your comprehensive coverage, or “comp,” which covers so-called acts of God such as wind, hail and flood, as well as fire, vandalism and theft.

Comprehensive coverage is strongly recommended for all drivers, unless your car has very low value. Collision coverage (which generally is sold as a package with comprehensive) won’t pay for damage caused by hitting an animal. However, collision could apply if you swerve to miss an animal and hit something else instead, such as a fence.

 Improve your safety with these tips:

  • Be extra careful when driving in areas known to have many deer.
  • Deer often move in groups, so if you see one animal, slow down and look for others.
  • Use high beams at night unless there is oncoming traffic.
  • Do not swerve if you see a deer.  Doing so could send you off the road or into oncoming traffic.

If the worst happens

Sometimes an accident is inevitable no matter how careful you are. Deer can dash out from cover with no warning, giving you no chance to stop.

If you hit a deer:

  • Move your vehicle off the road and turn on your hazard lights. Call the police. If possible, take pictures of the scene and any injuries to passengers or damage to the vehicle, for insurance purposes.
  • If the animal runs away after the accident, get a picture of hair or blood on the car to show that a deer was involved. Use this evidence to have the accident processed under comprehensive coverage.
  • Get contact information from any witnesses, especially if the animal runs off. If witnesses are able to wait, ask them to report what they saw to the police.
  • Even if you think the damage is minimal, check to be sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Look for tire damage, broken lights, fluid leaks or loose parts. You may need to call a tow truck.
  • Do not approach the deer, even if you think it’s dead. A wounded animal could injure you.

How to know you are protected.

All of us are at some risk for hitting deer because they can be found just about anywhere.  The right insurance policy plus defensive driving skills can greatly reduce your chances of injury and uncompensated expense. To learn more about if you have the right insurance policy, check with your local agent or reach out to us- we’d be happy to help or 603-273-0953.

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