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Will Renters Insurance Provide Coverage for the Structure?

If you’re looking for a great place to live but not quite ready to buy a house yet, or you just like the freedom of not being tied to homeownership, renting can be a great choice. But you should make sure you have good renters insurance and also understand what that insurance covers. At Keslar Insurance Agency, we can help you find the renter’s policy that’s right for you. All our customers in the Newmarket, NH area get great service and dedication because we know how important having good insurance can protect your belongings and your future.

One common question we get is whether an insurance policy for a renter provides coverage for the home’s actual structure. The answer is no; it does not. This kind of insurance is designed to protect the renter’s belongings, not the structure that they’re renting. The landlord’s policy protects the building, which is not something the renter has any responsibility for. When renting a place to live or a commercial building, the only thing you need to be concerned about insuring is what you’ve brought into the space.

Reach out to us at Keslar Insurance Agency today if you’re renting in or near the Newmarket, NH area, and let us help you find the renter’s insurance policy that will be right for your needs. We know it can be confusing to find the best type of insurance, and we want to make sure you can get a quality policy that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind. Your belongings are important, and replacing them unexpectedly could be a burden. With a good insurance policy, you’ll know you’re covered if you find that you have to replace any of your belongings.

Meet the newest member of the Keslar Insurance family, Taylor Lipsy!

Taylor will be helping customers with service questions, billing issues, changes, claims and more! She will also be assisting the agency with marketing and operations. She’s already been a great asset to our team. We are excited to have our clients meet her!

I’m originally from Massachusetts but I moved up to New Hampshire for school. Aside from being a part of the Keslar Insurance family, I am a Social Media Marketing intern for a small clothing company, Rivet Collective. In my free time, I love to read, watch movies, and cook! A fun fact about me, I originally wanted to be a chef!

I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Minors in Communications, Project Management, and Social Media Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. This is my first position in the insurance field but I am excited and eager to learn all that it has to offer!

During this quarantine, I have spent most of it home with my family finding a new love for puzzles and popcorn! We set out on a mission to do the most puzzles we could during the shutdown, and by the end of July we had put together 13 of them. It has been a blessing in disguise to have this time to spend with my family creating happy memories from the Quarantine of 2020 🙂

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